Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Results

We received an e-mail update from our adoption agency today.  The lab work results we have been waiting for have finally made their way to the US Embassy in Ethiopia.  They confirm that the guardian is not Trey Chalew’s biological father.  That seems like a crazy thing to celebrate, but after 267 days of waiting - yes, I’ve counted - anything that moves us closer to bringing him home is considered insanely good news.

So, here we are…again.  We’re back to waiting for the phone to ring with the magical announcement that the US Embassy will issue our visa and that we have been cleared for travel.  Certainly, the deciding parties have run out of requests, right???  What else is there to ask for???  Unless, of course, they decide that the guardian needs to undergo hypnosis or that we all need to have our dreams interpreted.

Here’s a little video clip from the last time we saw Trey Chalew at the beginning of November.  We were all loaded in the van headed back for the guest house after our last afternoon at the Transition Home.  Dave noticed Trey (in the light blue) and some of the older kids (who we loved) heading back to the building where the older children live, so we pulled over to shout one final farewell.