Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You Can Call Me a Blogger

Today is my first day as a blogger, which is funny for me to say. It wasn’t long ago that I read my first blog. Before that I might have thought to call someone a “blogger” was some kind of insult. Today, I am extremely excited about the idea of blogging. I love to read the latest news from friends - those I see every week and those I haven’t seen for years. I like to read about the experiences and insights of people I have never met and probably never will. More than anything, I love the idea that my family will be able to look back at some point and remember the things shared in this blog – things that might otherwise slip away. And...I'm excited to share it with you. So welcome to my God adoring, miracle believing, adoption seeking, gymnastics loving, football cheering, sports coaching, road tripping, frog catching, very blessed, busy family blog.