Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The fact that I am even writing this post today, after all of these months of waiting and wondering, is the first thing that seems a little unbelievable. 

Since passing court in January, after 10 court dates, we felt certain that all of the hoops had been successfully cleared and we would be granted a speedy appointment with the US Embassy.  As I have shared before, this appointment is the final step necessary before bringing our son home from Ethiopia.  However, today we received word of another delay.

After interviewing the guardian, who “took in” and temporarily cared for Trey Chalew, out of an abundance of caution, the US Embassy has decided that they would also like to have a DNA test done to confirm that the guardian is not actually the birth father (insert big, emotional sigh here).  This is a process that typically takes 8 weeks, but because our agency has a contact who may be able to expedite things, they are hoping for results in closer to 4 weeks. 

You can imagine the thoughts and “what-ifs” swirling around in my head today.  It was shocking news to receive.  However, while we didn’t see it coming, I cannot say I am surprised they are requiring this.  The story of how a child comes to live in an orphanage is obviously never going to be a fairy tale.  It is guaranteed to be full of painful details and sadness.  Sometimes, as is the case for us, the story can be so complicated and difficult, it seems almost unbelievable.

Our adoption agency feels confident the guardian’s statements have been true.  Various reports, from both the police and the local government, have been provided.  We met the guardian in person during our trip to Ethiopia for court, and we have a video of the interview that was completed  prior to our referral.  We have no reason not to believe him and he would have little reason to be untruthful.  In all honesty, though, I think David and I would both always wonder deep, deep down.  Now we won’t...and we have decided to be thankful for that.

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