Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday, Trey!!


Happy birthday to my sweet, silly Trey!!

You’re as sweet as pie and as cute as a cupcake.  You put a skip in my step and a hop in my heart.  I am ridiculously happy to be your mom.

Love ~ The Luckiest Mom EVER


Trey –

Happy 7th Birthday Big Boy! I’m proud to call you my son. Keep smilin’!

All my love – Dad



You are the happiest boy I know.  Your smile easily lights up a room and your eyes are always shining.  You are so funny and curious.  I’m lucky to have you as my brother.

<3 Sammie



You are funny, sweet, and adorable.  You’re always so peppy and excited.  I’m proud to be your brother.  I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Love – Big Bro Toby


Trey ~ You are such a delight.
I love you so.
You always make me feel so special.
Thanks for coming into my life.
Happy 7th birthday!

Love ~ Mimi


Trey -

Your curious mind and energetic spirit are a blessing to our family.

Grandpa Paul


Trey -

We love you and think you are a special boy. You have an awesome smile that lights up a room. Happy Birthday.

Love - Uncle Paul, Aunt Jamie, Paul C, Isaac, Luke and Aaron Bruns


Hi Trey,
I bet you're having a great birthday today. Lots of presents and goodies to eat!! You must feel like a big boy now that you're 7 years old.

Love you,
Granny & Grandpa H.

T is for Terrific, one of a kind
R is for Ready for action
E is for Energetic, cheerful & smiley
Y is for Young whippersnapper full of life

You are a perfect addition to the Davidson family!  We all know you are heaven sent.  We look forward to watching all of the Fun & Great things that happen in your life J
Love ~ Aunt Paula and Uncle Dave

From the first time your Mom and Dad introduced your picture to your soon-to-be new family, I saw a light in your eyes. I knew then, just as I know now, that God has something magical in store for your life.
I remember the first time we met ~ you had me at "Aunt, Tamara"!

Happy Birthday, Trey!
Love, Aunt Tamara